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As IT industry leaders it is our duty to stay on top of technology. AZ Network Professionals has succeeded by aligning Information Technology with business needs,requirements, and demands by creating solutions through the establishment of full IT projects and network infrastructures, including customer liaison, design, testing and successful implementation within budget, scope and strict timetables.

We are a team of certified and experienced providers of quality solutions to complex business problems and deliver business IT solutions including end-to-end testing of new systems and services within scope, on budget, observing tight schedules with extensive LAN/ WAN/ hardware/ software experience.

With over 40 combined years of in-field hands on experience in computing, data information systems and technologies, we have the solution you can count on. We work with small start-ups to multi-nationals in various industries on an as needed basis or full written contracts with guarantees.

About us

How We Help

Advanced Business Network Design and Consultation

TCP/IP Networking, Subnetting, Routing and Security

Business Network Planning, Implementation and Management

PCI-DSS and HIPAA Compliance

DoD Safe Encryption Technology with Plausible Deniability

Network Infiltration and Security Testing

Web Site and Email Hosting, and SPAM filtering

Server Consolidation, Virtualization, and Remote Access

Disaster Recovery and Planning

On Site and Off Site Backup Solutions

Microsoft Exchange Server Management and Optimization

Smart Phone, OS X, and Mobile Office Connectivity

SQL Database Optimization and Management

Server Design, Build and Configuration

Workstation, PC, and Laptop Upgrades, Design, and Build

Enterprise and Mil. Spec. Hardware in every machine we build

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